Mueller Kinesio Tape Pink 5cm x 5m

Mueller Kinesio Tape Pink 5cm x 5 meters


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Mueller Kinesiology Tape is the well-known elastic tape that is often used by top athletes. Kinesio tape is designed to increase the natural blood flow of the muscles and improve the removal of waste, prevents injuries and ensures a better recovery process in the event of injuries or inflammation. Due to the elastic nature of the tape, the freedom of movement of the muscles and joints is preserved, in contrast to other sports tape. Mueller Kinesiology Tape thus supports the muscles without restricting them. The Kinesiology tape can be used for injuries to the: shoulder, elbow, knee, calf, back, wrist or hip.

How to use

The tape should be applied to clean and oil-free skin. The skin should also be bare. This prevents pain when removing the sports tape. To remove the tape, you must first rub the tape with some oil or sterilium and let it soak in. Removal should be done gently by rolling the tape off the skin.


  • Promotes faster recovery
  • prevents injuries
  • Reduces risk of inflammation
  • Easy to apply
  • 100% cotton
  • Preserves the flexibility of the muscles
  • Latex-free
  • EAN: 074676273679
5 m x 5 cm
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