Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor
Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor
Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor
Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Microlife BP B2 Basic blood pressure monitor for easy and quick measurement of your blood pressure. Memory for 30 measurement results and includes the detection for detecting cardiac arrhythmias.


Attach the cuff, start, measure - done! The Microlife entry-level BP B2 Basic offers all the important features you need to measure blood pressure reliably and accurately: 30 data memory for long-term monitoring of your blood pressure, IHB* technology to detect irregular heartbeats that can affect your blood pressure values and the new "cuff fit check" function ensures that the cuff is positioned correctly on your upper arm.

*With IHB it is recommended to repeat the measurement. If IHB is common, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

IHB Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Irregular heartbeat (IHB) detection for early warnings of possible heart irregularities.
Gentle+ Gentle+ (Ensures that the cuff is not overinflated during a measurement)
Optimal speed and pressure control for comfortable measurements
icon_m-l-cuff Washable Cuff
High-quality cuff for the most common arm sizes (ML / 22-42 cm)
What are the advantages of Microlife BP B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor?
  • Includes detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia (IHB)
  • Universal cuff
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor
  • Heart rate monitor measuring range : 40-199 Heart beats per minute
  • Measuring range: 20 - 280 mmHg
  • Measurement technique: Oscillometric method
  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 9 x 6.05 cm
  • Weight: 0.277 KG
  • 1x Blood pressure monitor Microlife BP B2 Basic
  • 1x Storage pouch
  • 1x Set of Batteries
  • 1x Dutch Manual
  • 1x Medium/Large cuff 22 - 42 cm
Blood pressure monitor type
Upper arm
5 Years
Clinically Validated
€ 75 - € 99,99
Detectie Onregelmatige Hartslag
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