Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Starter Pack
Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Starter Pack
Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Starter Pack
Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Starter Pack

Diatesse XPER Blood Glucose Starter Pack

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Diatesse XPER blood glucose meter for measuring glucose and ketones. The Diatesse meter has been developed aimed at the diabetes patient by means of an easy-to-use meter and the rapid follow-up of the result after the measurement.

If you have a smartphone, you can use the ProCheck app to manage the results of your TD-Gluco Bluetooth blood glucose monitoring system. The link between your meter and your smartphone is via Bluetooth. The ProCheck app is suitable for iOS and Android. You can download the correct version via the links below.

Diatesse XPER includes the following unique features:

  • Comes with 10 Diatesse test strips and 10 HT One lancets
  • New technology: very accurate
  • Hematocrit range 0-70 L/L
  • Bluetooth and USB data link
  • Strip eject function
  • Automatic control solution recognition
  • Enzyme used is GDH-FAD; so no oxygen (O2) interference
  • Accuracy of ± 10% (applicable standard is 15%)
  • CE-mark
  • Memory space for 1000 measurements

Why measure ketones?

During physical exertion, our body uses sugars (Glucose) or fats. The consumption of body fats creates ketones and in large quantities this can acidify your blood. An increase in your ketone level is also known as ketoacidosis. Since ketoacidosis in combination with diabetes can lead to a diabetic coma, measurement of ketones is strongly recommended under special circumstances. Otherwise, you can also look at the Ketogenic Diet, for example.

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