first aid kits

Looking for the right first aid kit or first aid kit? We supply everything in the field of first aid kits and first aid kits . First aid kits which are equipped with different refills and available in different sizes. (A/B and 2016 first-aid kits and first-aid kits in accordance with the latest orange cross standards).

Types of first aid kit/first aid kit

We supply a wide range of first aid kits, but which one perfectly suits your environment/sector. We supply first-aid kits and first-aid kits for every sector. You can think of first aid kits for the food industry , (sports) associations, schools, construction sector, etc.

First Aid Loose Products

If you check your first aid kit, you can also contact us for all your individual products. You can think of: bandages , compresses , gloves and, for example, quick bandages.

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